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The secret to relaxed & faster Results in Forex lies in Expert coaching. This is the ultimate 1 on 1 mentoring program. It is your opportunity to take advantage of my almost 20 years’ experience and skills as a trader and private fund manager. In the next 6 months I will personally coach and bring you from where you are to where I am right now.
I will teach you how to think as a trader, when to take action, how to listen to the markets and to focus on your success. Of course it’s optional, but I will reveal to you how a simple 2-5 minutes meditation exercise helps me to always get exactly what I want in trading and in my life.


4 weeks 1 on 1 private mentoring for "basics"
5 months 1 on 1 private mentoring advanced strategies mindset
Special mindset 1 on 1 focused session
Meditation techniques
Fund management training
Personal Trading Plan creation
Personal Trading Journal creation
Private technical support
VIP Program included

Why to have a Mentor

  • They have been there & done that
  • Will judge your efforts for what they really are (markets don’t care about you…your inner circle does), so the feedback you get from your family & friends are not helpful. You mentor makes sure you understand that and provide balance
  • Connections & access to people you don’t have
  • Will help you understand the connections you need in order to understand, feel and grow
  • A mentor will help you stay on track and achieve your long term goals
  • Statistics & facts 80% f successful businesses have received mentorship
  • A mentor will push you to learn & focus on your success
  • A mentor will save you lot of time and money because he knows how to optimize the entire process
  • They will help you make the right choices
  • A mentor will serve as inspiration. He is living a lifestyle you desireand run the race you are running right now
  • They will give you a good wakeup call when you fails seeing the big picture and will keep alive the spark you need to move forward
  • A mentor will make you face the truth so you never lose track what your end goals
  • The understand your struggle, disbelieve ,struggle and relationship in your inner circle
  • They relate to you and share your core values. That’ why they want to see you succeed
  • A mentor will help you transform your mindset and connect all the dots and might even offer you a business opportunities when he sees your results

That’s how
it works

— I train 5 students every 6 month and all sessions are 1 on 1 only.

— I will train and help you understand a winning trader mindset.

— We start by learning to feel the markets.

— I will guide you step by step and watch over everything you do.

— I will train you to trade all techniques and strategies I personally use with great success.

— I coach new and experienced traders in English, German or Greek language.

— We will create a personal trading plan for you that works and follow it a 100%.

— What I coach works great on Forex, Stocks, Indices, Metals and more.

— I will teach you how to train your brain to get & keep anything you want in your life.

— We will practice and take trades together when you start trading with real money.

Mentoring layout/plan
24 weeks of One on One

Starting from basic & understanding my trading system

Getting step by step into my detailed strategies & your personal trading plan

Following your trading plan and getting you first live results

Revealing your trading personality to boost your confidence

Fine-tune your trading and keep only what works best for you

Leveraging results & discovering private fund management (optional)

Members Praise

Super Important

It happens sometimes that some individuals sell our material illegally online or promise support to potential clients.
Now, our primary goal is to help our members step by step achieving their goals in financial market trading.
In order to do so, we need & want to protect our members, services and material in a simple way…


Only members have the support, full video material, member’s area, live trading/training room access, EA licenses private sessions, technical support etc., when purchasing the original products. You will find these original products on this website only. You can contact us & send us an email if you are not sure about something. Our team is always here for you.


The only human beings which are qualified to support, train & coach our material are found on our website, under (Team)…


Be on alert if someone, other than our team members is approaching you, using our coaching material or our brand name. Feel free to inform us (confidentially) at any point.