How much money can I make in trading or using your strategies?
Let me start like this. In trading it's important to understand and to ask the "right' questions. Please allow me to kind of "train" you to ask quality questions, which will bring you smoother to your goals.
Don't get me wrong, there are no "stupid" questions, but in order to get you on the right track fast, let me explain in a simple way; each trader has a different style, a different agenda, different goals, mindset, targets and expectations, so we can't just give it a random number in terms of how much money you are going to make.
The profit factor is also related to the market volatility, your trading style (swing trading, day trading or scalping), and the risk you are willing to take. Are you a conservative or more aggressive trader? If you create a simple, to the point trading plan and focus on one strategy to learn, improve and enhance your skills using a low risk policy, I would say you can achieve mastery within a few months and grow your account step by step. If you gain some experience, and you know your numbers, you will then be able to decide whether you want to increase risk (for example), to make more profits etc. Everything comes with a bit of experience, so the question you would have to ask yourself is; what do I have to do in order to grow my account in a simple, powerful and smart way, to improve and grow fast and relaxed. That's why I create unique trading programs which will help you achieve your goals in trading Forex or other financial markets.
Do the EA'S only work only in MT4?
Right now our EA's work only on MT4 (MetaTrader 4), because it's free charting software and all you need in order to trade successfully. Of course we are open to listen and discuss any good suggestions from our students in future. If it's possible to code our EA's on other popular trading platforms, we are happy to test it.
How many trades does your system trigger weekly?
This is one of those questions I can't just answer with a few words. That all depends on the market volatility, amount of pairs on your watch list, time frames, trading style (day trading, swing trading, scalping) and the strategy you choose to trade. The lower the time frames, the more setups you will find, which isn't always a good thing. Spending too much time in front of your PC can result into "overtrading". I would advise; use a strategy which suites you best and trade according to your plan. This way you will enjoy trading without worrying about how many trades you have to take. Important is that you are happy with your results in the end.
How many EA licenses do I have?
For each EA you have 3 licenses available. You can activate those on a demo or a live account. It's also no problem to replace license number in case you change a broker or open a new trading account.
On how many computers can I use the EA?
Our license is based on your MT4 account numbers and you have 3 licenses. Your 3 licenses are stored on our save members database and you can use those three licenses on any PC.
Are there any hidden fees or additional monthly payments?
That's a big NO. We want our members to be happy, so we only offer only one-time payments and you have unlimited access to everything that's included in our programs, like the live trading room, EA's, updates, FB private group, special live focused sessions, Video material and replays.
What is the difference between Renko and classic charts?
Classic charts are time related charts and they shows the price movement over a period of time
Renko charts are independent of time. There must be a particular size of movement to create the candle. Renko charts are created by setting a "box size." For example when you set 10 pips per box, new candle will be created only when price moves 10 pips in on of direction. Renko charts are helping to filter out noise on charts and it's easier for traders to focus on trends and read the charts.
Do you provide Signals?
Sorry, but not in the way you might think. We teach people how to trade profitable so they don't have to depend on anyone for signals or alerts. Having that said; our coaches look for trading signals/alerts and trade setups during our daily live trading/training room sessions. So, knowing how to trade and using this unique service to combine it with your own experience and knowledge is the way to go. The Live Trading Room is included only in the Advanced Trader Program
I can't watch the charts all day long. Do you have solution for me?
Yes, we do. Our programs are designed to give all traders the opportunity to profits from the markets, no matter how much time they can or want to spend in front of the PC. It does not matter if you choose the 1 on 1 mentoring program, the private Elite course or the Advanced VIP membership. We have unique solutions for all trading styles and combinations. Our swing trading strategies or day trading strategies are easy to use, especially in combination with our advanced Renko EA. It's designed so you never miss out good trading setups again. It will alert you by sending an email or a message to your smartphone. If you are happy with what you see, you can active the EA, so it trades for you automatically, trails your stop loss, manage your risk and takes the desired profits. You can also use the EA manually if you are not into half-automated trading! Those are only a few solutions that can make every traders life easier, profitable & relaxed.
What & how do you actually teach your strategies?
For us it's most important that our students understand what they are dealing with in the first place. If they do, it's much easier to create and follow a simple and profitable trading plan. It's essential that the trader enjoys the whole procedure. The goal is to create a highly profitable mindset first, the rest is really simple and to the point. The best way to understand the differences between our trading courses or programs is to compare them and read the details by clicking this.
What if I miss a live trading session?
Don't worry about that at all. All live room sessions are recorded and ready for you to watch at your convenience.
What if I do not have technical skills and I struggle to set up the charts?
No worries you can always email us and our professional team will help you out. If we can't resolve your issues via email we will use remote software to connect with you and check the issues directly on your PC.
How does the Live Trading Room work?
That's quite easy. We have about 6 live trading rooms sessions weekly. You will find a link, times and dates in the members' area. Our trading coach analyzes the charts to find the best trading opportunities and explain how to apply all the different strategies we use. You can always ask questions and discuss different topics during the sessions. In case you miss out a session, you can always watch the recordings and replays afterwards. It's the best place to learn and improve your skills, to compare and to plan your trading to ensure long term results.
I am not sure which program is suited for me?
If you are not sure about where to start, or if you feel confused, no worries; just send us an email to schedule a 1-on-1 chat with me or members of my team. We are happy to listen to you and guide you. No strings attached!
Can I upgrade from the Advanced Trader to the 1-on-1 mentorship?
Yes, of course you can upgrade from the Advanced Trader to the 1-on-1 mentorship and as our member you will have special discount. Just make sure you contact us at least 4-8 weeks before to ensure a spot for you.