Why nikos trading academy

Simple & Proven

We use easy charting software, a simple indicators and proven strategies for scalping, day and swing trading.

Our coaches
are real traders

There is not much to say. Nikos trained all coaches here personally.

Live Trading Room

Trade with us and learn how to use our EAs' during our live room sessions. Interact with our coaches, and improve your trading skills in a fun and relaxed way.

Premium support

You have our support when you need it. Technical issues? Questions about your trading? Our team is here for you, using email, skype or a remote desktop assistance.

Our Experience

We have over 30 years combined experience, to save you money and time in the long run.

Mind-set & Meditation

Finding your balance is essential in trading. We help you "transform" during our private coaching groups or 1 on 1 Mentoring classes.

Advanced EAs

Say good bye to wrong money management, risk, fear of missing out trades, no time for trading etc. Our EAs' and indicators make sure you achieve your goals in trading according to your available timeframes and agenda!

Our Mission

We just love to trade and to teach. Our goal is to help traders leverage profits using simple strategies, great money management rules and a transformed mind-set.

Live Events

We want to be close to our members and students, so we organize live events & online events all over the world.

Private Facebook Group

Our members share trades, Ideas, trading setups and signals with each other here. This is most useful and you are part of something great.

International team

Different countries, different habits and different languages but we all share the same passion… trading!

Why do I coach traders?

Hello Trader!

I want to make this short, clear and to the point.

There are many different reasons why you should consider working with me & my team, but I want to point out what I know to be the most important one… My believe.

You probably know already that I am a musician and music teacher. I always loved teaching and sharing my knowledge. With trading it’s exactly the same. In past I never tried to understand why, but as I grow older, ups I mean wiser, it all started to make sense.

Every human soul in this world has dreams, goals, visions and ideas. People feel that there is more and deep inside they want to change parts of their life, but the problem is they don’t know how to handle the situation. I had the same issue and it took me years to realize what was really important to me, so I took action.

Now, I live the freedom we all deserve.

Let’s go back to where I started. I deeply believe that we don’t exist in this world to just survive, work, get the pension at 65, than live a little and die. No way! We are here to learn, to understand, to grow and to create, in order to help those who ask for it.

For me it’s coaching traders. If I can help you succeed by sharing all my skills and knowledge, I have accomplished something great. I am not just saving you a lot of wasted time, trial and error, but I am helping you to change a small or bigger part of your life. The same goes for my team and it makes me feel awesome, because we are really good at it!