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My Recent business & pleasure trip to Udine in Italy

I went to Italy for two reasons. First, I wanted to visit my friend and trader Sergio and secondly because Sergio offered me to help me creating with my new website (Nikos Trading Academy). To explain this; he is the owner of Pragma Group a very professional web design & marketing company in Udine. Sergio’s team and his family was just awesome and we spend about 10 wonderful days together, eating, drinking, filming, eating, taking pictures, eating again, discussing, eating, trading eating and having fun.
The filming part especially was a very new experience for me, but I had so much great support form everybody that I enjoyed it a lot. I also made new friends like the famous story teller Federico Favot and ate the best Italian Pizza so far (next time I try to top that). I have even learned one sentence in Italian language which took me the whole week to remember…lol!
I don’t want to let anybody out and therefore; thanks again for the unique hospitality to everybody involved with all my heart, like Barbara, Sergio, Alvo, Federico, Lorenzo, Matteo, Lisa, Luca.

Best wishes & kisses also from my wife and kids
See you again soon!